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About CCWB

     Concerned Citizens of West Boylston (CCWB) is an energized group of West Boylston residents and supporters. … (to read more)


An Open Letter to the West Boylston Community

   We believe there is a lot of misinformation in the community surrounding our complaints …  In an attempt to clarify our position, educate interested citizens, and move toward a reasonable and responsible resolution, … (to read more)


Argument Summary 

     In this forth coming section, we will summarize in a systematic and sequential manner all the relevant material on which we base our case to the Zoning Board of Appeals. … (to read more)


Decreasing Property Values 

      In addition to constant disturbance of our peace, those of us impacted by the escalation in shooting activity at the Almstrom property are facing decreased property values.  … (to read more)


Attempts to Resolve the Situation 

     CCWB recommends that all interested parties view the Board of Selectmen meetings recorded on July 22, August 5 and 19, 2015. From these meetings, the evolving response of the town to our concerns is made visible.  … (to read more)


FAQ and Updatesand Updates

      In this section, CCWB posts updates and responds to frequently asked questions. … (to read more)


Historical Overview

      ... planned methodically and developed systematically his family’s shooting area at 241 Laurel Street into an unincorporated gun club type situation.   … (to read more)


Home Occupation Violations

     … was issued a home occupation permit by the Zoning Board of Appeals in 1993 to repair and sell guns and related items at his home. West Boylston Zoning Bylaws, in section 3.5, define and list general requirements for home  … (to read more)


Position Paper #1: Observations on Home Occupation Situation, September 2015 

     CCWB’s first position paper was distributed to Town officials and other parties on both sides of the situation in early September 2015. It was our response to the events that unfolded in the Board of Selectmen meeting on August 19, 2015.  … (to read more)


Position Paper #2 Powers Test, October 2015

     It is CCWBs contention that two specific reasons exist that Mr Almstrom is required to conform his 241 Laurel Street property with current West Boylston zoning Bylaws concerning single-family zoned areas (to read more)


What CCWB Seeks 

     We seek relief from the continued noise nuisance emanating from the Almstrom property.  More specifically, we would like to see the use of that property revert to its usage as   … (to read more)


Contact CCWB 

     Have a question and/or a comment, want to contribute to the cause, our mailing address, email,  … (to read more)